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Mangrove Mountain Union Church (MMUC), 5 November 2009, Papists’ Conspiracy Day or Gunpowder Treason Day (in England with the night-time celebrations of Bonfire Night), remembering God’s deliverance from the Papists’ conspiracy of Guy Fawkes et al to blow up the Protestant Christian King James I (of the 1611 King James Bible) and parliament at Westminster in London, England, on 5 Nov. 1605; and also the happy coming of the Protestant king, William III of Orange on 5 Nov. 1688 (remembered in Gavin’s orange tie).

 “Here come the heavies ... with a Rah! Rah! Rah! for Protestantism.”

From left to right:
Mr. G. Alex Neil (an Elder in the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia, derived from
the Free Church of Scotland whose first Moderator was Thomas Chalmers),
Rev. Mr. Hugh Varnes (a Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia Minister, retired), &
Mr. Gavin McGrath (a Low Church Evangelical Anglican schoolmaster & lay preacher).

Both the above and below heritage value photos of MMUC show the church “the way it was” before some years later security screens were added to the windows. This also provides a contrast with the lancet windows of St. Barnabas’ Church, which are a high and tall narrow window with a pointed arch at the top, which because of its resemblance to a lance acquired the name “lancet window.” A typical feature of Early English Gothic architecture (13th century), they reflect the origins of St. Barnabas’s Church of England as an Anglican Church (1885-1977).


Mangrove Mountain
Union Church

Gavin McGrath | Mangrove Mountain,
New South Wales, Australia

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  St. Barnabas's Church Wyong Shire
Gavin McGrath | Wyong Shire,
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