Roman Pope
Is The Antichrist

A Concise Commentary on the Antichrist, foretold by the Apostle John in I and II John, and by the Apostle Paul in II Thessalonians 2; with an appendix on the mark of the beast and the meaning of 666
(Revised 1st edition 2006; 2nd edition 2010).


By Gavin Basil McGrath
B.A. LL.B. (Sydney University)
Dip. Ed. (University of Western Sydney)
Dip. Bib. Studies (Moore Theological College).

With a foreword by Reverend Sam McKay
Secretary of the Protestant Truth 
Society 1996 - 2004. 


Gavin at the Vatican Library in 2001 with photocopies from there of three editions with Imprimaturs of Ferraris's Bibliotheca of Roman Catholic Canon Law legal history referring at "Papa" 2:20 to the papal title, "Vicarius Filii Dei"


Introduction: Prefatory Remarks (235KB)
Part 1:
Doctrinal Principles (1.6MB)
Part 2: The Antichrist Revealed(1.6MB)
Part 3: Convicted Nazi War Criminal, "Blessed" Stepinatz (1.2MB)

Appendix: The Mark of the Beast - 666 (1.1MB)

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Gavin’s sermons:

Gavin (left) & Sam McKay (right) at the Protestant Truth Society (PTS) Fleet St., London, in April 2004, in front of a cabinet containing the weapon used by Papists to martyr the President of the PTS, John Kensit, a Low Church Evangelical Anglican clergyman, at Liverpool, England in 1902.

Jasenovac in Croatia was the Nazi’s 3rd largest concentration camp, & was simultaneously set up under secular Nazi racial theoretics rules & Roman Catholic Croatian Inquisition rules (1941-5). It killed mainly Serbian Orthodox but also others. Gavin at a bronze effigy of a Jasenovac concentration camp victim at Jasenovac Memorial, Croatia, April 2004.

Gavin at Slatina Evangelical (Evangelicka) Lutheran (Luteranska) Church (Crkva), Croatia, April 2004. From here in 1941 Protestants of Serbian descent were sent to their concentration camp death. This was simultaneously conceptualized under secular Nazi racial theoretics; & also under Roman Catholic Croatian Inquisition theoretics because they refused to convert to Roman Catholicism. During WWII, of about 70,000 Croatian Lutherans, some of the 1,500 not of Germanic descent were targeted by these Ustashi laws.

Slatina Lutheran Evangelical Church from which came the Protestant martyrs of Serbian descent who had refused to convert to Roman Catholicism under the Nazi Ustashi in 1941. During WWII the main Protestant group in Greater Croatia were 70,000 Lutherans of which 68,500 were Croatians of German descent. This Church was closed in 1945 as part of Communist leader Tito’s hostility to persons of German descent; under which persons of German descent “disappeared,” according to oral tradition at Communist concentration camps in Voivadina e.g., Sremska Motovica in the Srem. All Lutheran Church records went “missing” during the Communist era. When the Communists went in the 1980s the Lutheran population had been reduced to about 20,000. This Slatina Church re-opened in 1999.

Gavin with Jovan Mirkovic, Curator of the Genocide Victims Museum, holding one of Mirkovic’s books on the Ustashi era. Belgrade, Serbia, April 2004.

A poster & picture dealing with Jasenovac (pronounced “Yasenovatz”) concentration camp on the Sava River of Croatia, Genocide Victims Museum, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004. The Nazi’s 3rd largest concentration camp after Auschwitz and Treblinka, it killed mainly Serbian Orthodox. Killing in total 600,000-700,000; this included a relatively small number of anti-Nazi political dissidents, about 20,000 Jews or persons of Jewish descent, & about 30,000 Gypsies. The total number out of the 1,500 Lutheran Protestants not of Germanic descent killed here or elsewhere is not known, (though would not have included Lutherans of Croatian ethnic descent,) because all Lutheran Church records were destroyed; & because any persons of Jewish or Serbian descent either were converts to Protestantism, or their forbears were; and the Nazi Ustashi did not recognize such conversions. Thus Ustashi records classified them as either Jews or Serbian Orthodox.

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Zagreb, Aloysius Stepinatz (Stepinac) was justly convicted by the Allies as a Nazi War Criminal for his collaboration with the Nazi Ustashi regime that set up the Greater Croatian Inquisition during World War Two. Stepinatz was “beatified” by the Roman Church in 1998. Gavin next to a statue of Stepinatz at Mary’s Basilica, Croatia, in April 2004 which celebrates this “beatification” of the convicted Nazi war criminal, Cardinal Stepinatz, by Pope John Paul II.

Statue at Mary’s Basilica (Maria Bistrica), Croatia, of Pope John-Paul II (Pope 1978-2005), in his Papal Mitre, celebrating his beatification of convicted Nazi war criminal, “Blessed” Stepinatz in 1998. April 2004. Roman Catholics have a threefold process of 1) declaring a person “Venerable,” 2) “Beatifying” him with the title, “Blessed,” & 3) “canonizing” him with the title, “Saint.” Movement through these 3 stages is not automatic, but whether or nor Cardinal Stepinatz is ever canonized, the fact that he has been beatified is a Romish “honour” that will continue to apply to him.

Vatican City Flag showing Papal tiara, carried to the moon and back by Apollo 11, and presented by USA President Richard Nixon (USA President 1969-74) to this Papal State. An example of how “the kings of the earth have committed” spiritual “fornication” through diplomatic relations with “the great whore” of Rome (Rev. 17:1,2,9). Vatican Museum, August 2001.

Sculpture of Pope Paul VI (Pope 1963-1978) by Lello Scorzelli (1921-97) showing the “two horns” (Rev. 13:11) of the Papal Mitre, Vatican Museum, August 2001.

Sculpture by Adolf Wildt (1868-1931) of the Romanists’ “beloved” Pope Pius XI (Pope 1922-1939) in the Papal tiara giving him the “little horn” look (Dan. 7:8). Under Pius XI the Vatican City State was set up in 1929. The Pope is here depicted grasping at the “keys” to heaven and hell that the Bible says belong to Christ alone (Rev. 1:18; 3:7). Vatican Museum, August 2001.

Artwork (Ramon de Vargas – Guecho, Spain, 1934) shows a woman falling asleep from the boring monotony of the Rosary’s repetitious prayers to Mary & God (10 “Hail Mary’s" "to Mary" for every 1 “Our Father” to God). Christ said, “but when ye pray, use not vain repetitions” (Matt. 6:7). Vatican Museum, August 2001.

Roman Catholic Basilica of San Quattro Coronati, Rome (near the Colosseum), March, 2002.

Gavin at a series of 13th century frescoes in the Chapel of St. Sylvester at San Quattro Coronati, Rome, March 2002. This fresco anachronistically shows the Bishop of Rome, Silvester, wearing a two-horned Papal mitre, and receiving the Papal tiara, as purported “grants from the Donation of Constantine.” In fact, the “Donation of Constantine” is a fraudulent Papal document from the 8th century which shows how the Pope works “with all deceivableness” (II Thess. 2:10). But the “Donation of Constantine” is the origins of both Papal mitre and tiara, and in this document one first finds the Papal title, “Vicarius Filii Dei” (Latin, “Vicar of the Son of God"), which in Roman numerals tallies 666.

Gavin next to the Column of Phocas, whose Decree in 607 made the Bishop of Rome, Boniface III, the first Pope. Thus while the Bishopric of Rome predates the Papacy set up since 607 A.D.; the office of the Roman Papacy dates from early mediaeval times, and not as the Church of Rome claims, from before this time. The Roman Forum, Rome, August 2001.

Gavin next to the Papal tiara of Pope Paul VI (Pope 1963-1978), used at his 1963 coronation and also worn at the opening of the Vatican II Council (1962-5). Crypt of the [Roman] Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., USA, March 2009.

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Windsor in Sydney, Australia, 31 Oct. 2010.

Gavin at Dedication of 2nd edition of “The Roman Pope is the Antichrist,” Eve of All Saints’ Day, in memory of Luther’s 95 Theses nailed to the Chapel Door of Wittenberg Castle on Eve of All Saints’ Day 1517, which sparked the Protestant Reformation. Sunday 31 Oct. 2010, at St. Matthew’s Windsor, after a 1662 Book of Common Prayer service.